Virtual Reality travel EXPERIENCE

As you know Virtual Reality transformed the way that consumers interact with and relate to brands, offering up unparalleled levels of immersiveness.

The client had a running marketing campaign: “Travel without worries”. 

We were asked to be innovative on how to communicate the message. The underlying message was that traveling involves multiple destinations, and that no matter where you go, you should travel without worries.

For this project, we didn’t have a lot of space at the booth. So we went on the mission of being original, unforgettable and practical.

We developed a VR experience where the user could select a destination they wanted to go out of a list. Each destination was different. This was made to communicate that, of course,  travel consists in going where you want to go.

a woman at an event is helping another woman to put some virtual reality googles

So, for the chosen destination we showed branding messages, and then an amazing VR experience related to that place.

Adrenaline times are always fun and easy to remember. So you could chose, among other destinations, to rush down a rollercoaster, or enjoy a day of skying in the Alps. 

Participants enjoyed a complete Virtual Reality travel experience.

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This Virtual Reality travel experience made people stop and think about where they want to travel while they understood the importance of getting insurance. So they could enjoy and travel without worries.

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Whether rushing down a rollercoaster with adrenaline, or skying in the Alps, this VR experience had it all.

  • Multiple destinations
  • Brand information
  • Small space




Buenos Aires, Argentina