Racing Simulator Game

We built this Racing Simulator Game because Volkswagen was launching its new Golf GTi. Their most sport/top tier version of the Golf.

The client wanted to create a game to show the new car, and provide an experience of what it is to drive it.

We built a full-fledged simulator from the ground up. Using the actual seats, pedals, and driving wheel of a Golf GTi. We interfaced everything and embed the original items into a car racing simulator.

Participants could choose the color of the car, from the actual options the real car was going to have.

2 girls in a car racing simulator at a Volskwagen event

The best thing about simulators is they are about engaging consumers. Allowing them to experience something unique, fun and aspirational while stimulating positive emotions.

This is what we do at every event. We bring our extreme brand of experiential marketing to hundreds of consumers.

The brands communicate their message to consumers while they are in a heightened state of excitement, ensuring they remember the experience and the brand that brought it.

Participants could drive a Golf GTi on a simulator built with its actual seat, pedals and driving wheel

The game was playable as a single player race, playing against Artificial Intelligence drivers. So two players could race, since we built two stations.

But, they also had the chance to compete against each other. On a fierce 1 vs 1 race. This also needed computer controlled cars, so we had to throw some AI there as well.

Racing Simulators allow customer interaction and connects your brand image with the excitement and passion of a real motor sports event.

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  • Dual-Mode (2 Single Players, or 1 Vs. Race)
  • AI Controlled Cars
  • Accurate 3D modeling of the real car




Buenos Aires, Argentina