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Interactive Spray Can

  • The challenges
    • Exact, but not the same
    • Accurate foam effect
    • Educational
  • Year
    • 2016
  • Location
    • Orlando, FL
  • Brand
    • LEO Pharma

We were brought in when the brand had a new product launch: a psoriasis drug that was delivered on a spray form, which brought a whole set of advantages for the users. They had some sort of Q&A in mind. We raised the bet and offer to build a custom, electronic spray can, just like their product, and use that to control the trivia. They loved the idea, but came back with a set of requirements: First, the spray can had to be an exact replica of the real thing, including the tip. But, for legal reasons, we could not use the actual spray can, we had to recreate one from scratch. Second, one key feature of the product was the foam effect it generated on the skin, so we had to simulate it on the screen. And third, it had to be educational, to communicate about the new product. So, we did it. We created an interactive spray can that met that criteria, fully recreated the foam effect in 3D animation to use on the screen, and created a Q&A game where you aimed at the screen using the spray can, and spray over the correct answer.