Immersive Experience

Heart Failure Simulator

  • The challenges
    • 10 stations
    • Universal fit
    • Safe
  • Year
    • 2018
  • Location 
    • Mexico
  • Brand
    • Sanofi

Yes, it is as scary as it sounds. The problem we receive was how could we generate awareness about certain habits, like using excess salt, bad nutrition and stress, and how those habits correlate with heart-failure. We were asked to come up with something. So, we proposed a 360Âș, empathic experience, that included shooting a short film in a first-person perspective, building a pneumatic vest to simulate chest-pressure and feeling hot. They loved it, and we moved forward with a set of challenges we needed to overcome: First, we had to be able to have 10 users at the same time, so we had to build 10 stations. Second, it needed a universal fit, for men and women of all sizes. And third, of course, it had to be absolutely safe. So we went ahead and built it. We designed and created the vest with a pneumatic system to simulate pressure on the chest, and hot cells to simulate feeling hot. We wrote the script and shot the movie. And build all the electronics, working side by side with a cardiologist to get a medical certification of safety, and an electrical engineer to get an electrical safety certification as well. This was a hit, and was used throughout an entire year, having thousands of users, many of them physicians.