Volkswagen Car Racing Game

GTI Racing Simulator

  • The challenges
    • Dual-mode (2 single players, or 1 vs 1 race)
    • AI controlled cars
    • Accurate 3D modeling of the real car
  • Year
    • 2016
  • Location¬†
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Brand
    • Volkswagen

Along with the launch of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI version, we were asked to create a racing game depicting the new car, in the colors it was available. The game had to be both single (2 stations) and multiplayer (1 vs 1), so it could be played with one or two drivers independently, or with two drivers competing against each other. And it also needed computer controlled cars, so we had to throw some AI there. The brand provided us with a real car seat and wheel for us to use on the entire seat and structure we built.