A Nokia Multi Experience Booth at an event

This awesome Multi-Experience Booth had a Multiplayer Bicycle Race, a Dancing Game and a Giant interactive mobile phone.

Project Description

To promote their new smartphone, the cliente wanted to give participants an unforgettable experience.

The product had three key features we should emphasize:

  • It’s amazing new UI
  • It’s music-oriented apps
  • It’s sports-oriented apps

We developed a multi-experience, portable booth to travel cross country.

As mention this Multi-Experience Booth  had 3 activations on-site: 

First, a full-fledged, Multiplayer Bicycle Race. Played on real bikes, with real pedaling and real sweating, players competed on a beautiful, 3D paradisiacal island to get to the finish line first.

Second, a Dancing Game that included a dancing floor. To play, participants chose the song and difficulty using the actual showcased smartphone.

The core gameplay involves the player moving his or her feet to a set pattern, stepping in time to the general rhythm or beat of a song.

A Nokia Dance pad booth at an event

And third, a Giant Replica of the Smartphone that users could fully interact with to see the main features. We rebuild the phone’s entire UI and recreated the main apps with visual aids and additional tips for participants to explore on a large screen.

A creative way to showcase a smart and powerful phone

Everyone enjoyed all three activities while learning about the new device at this complete Multi-experience booth.

Let’s talk to see how our creativity and technology in Experiential Marketing can help on your next event.

  • Phone-controlled activities
  • Phone-replica
  • Portable




Mexico City, Mexico