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3 ways your Interactive Marketing Agency can help to win new clients and awe your current ones

Usually, you would contact an Interactive Marketing Agency when you have a brief, or an RFP. However, you’re missing out on a lot of potential by considering contacting the agency even before that. We tell you┬á3 ways your Interactive Marketing Agency can help to win new clients and awe your current ones.

Here are a few ways to put to a great use your Interactive Marketing Agency of choice.

1 – Proactive creativity


Remember that account you almost got? And what about the one you lost?


Bring in all the brain power you can and blow their minds. Count on your interactive marketing agency to add a low of firepower to your pitch.


Chances are they can add a lot of ideas to the mix. From crazy to simple ones.

You know more about the account you are after. Make sure to provide your insight to the interactive agency so they can help you more. For instance, answers to these questions will definitely help them narrow down ideas:

  • Are they conservative regarding technology?
  • What’s their usual budget range?
  • What’s their target persona?
  • What emotion are they usually after?

Make sure you are honest and clear about what you need and what you are doing. You are trying to win an account, not asking for an RFP.

2 – Focused thinking┬á

Do you have an account you know will be exhibiting at a trade show? Or an account that will launch a product 6 months from now?

Make use of your interactive marketing agency’s brain power and talk to them early on. Have them pitch ideas based on concepts you are after. Or even better, tell them to go crazy! You can always narrow down if needed.

You know your client better than anyone. You know what they are exhibiting or launching. You know when. You know their target client.

Bring your interactive agency up to speed and work together to come up with ideas to awe your client.

3 – Keep the conversation going

Interactive marketing agencies live and breath on new technologies, gadgets and trends.

Did you know you now can experience amazing Augmented Reality on your phone without having to download an app? Have you ever heard about LeapMotion? or MagicLeap? or brain reading headbands?

Interactive Marketing Agency - Leap Motion technology
Interatica’s CEO checking out a LeapMotion experience. Milan, Italy, 2014

Make sure to stay in touch with them to learn about what’s new. If they have one, register on their newsletter.

You can’t keep up with every new gadget or concept out there. They do. Take advantage of it!

And use it to stay in touch with your clients. That’s when the magic happens.

Bottom line. Interactive Marketing Agency

Stop contacting your Interactive Agency just when you have an RFP. Use them early on to your advantage.

Capture their know-how and experience and use that whole potential for your clients.

We at Interatica love challenges. With more experience than most interactive agencies out there, we work with small agencies all the way to the big ones.

So, if you want help with your technology ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to learn more, checkout our website.

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