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Everything you need to know to get the best of an Interactive Marketing Agency

If you want to offer your clients the creative and technological edge, you need to leverage the experience, know-how and expertise through Interactive Marketing Agency services. And here we share how to do it.

Marketing and ad agencies deal with creating and presenting a lot of client proposals. In today’s world, experiential marketing for brand experience is a key factor to include in the mix.

Interactive Marketing Agency services can bring a lot to the technological side of ideas. As such, the sooner you bring them in, the better. If you bring them in late in the process, you’re missing out a lot of potential.

5 Advantages of bringing an Interactive Marketing Agency Services early on

1 – More experience

The Devil knows more from being old than from being the Devil. An interactive marketing agency that has been around long enough, probably did hundreds of projects.

You can leverage on their experience by contacting them early on. Even though they may not have a creative team, they surely did enough to add creativity to the table.

Experiential Marketing - Rowing boat multiplayer game from 2003
A multiplayer row-boat race game by Interatica back in 2003

2 – Specialized know-how

When you did a lot of interactive projects, you know the ins and outs of them. Specialized agencies know the pros and cons of different technologies.

Also, can help streamline the production process between you and your client.

3 – More up-sell opportunities

Following on all the experience, they can spot opportunities to improve upon the ideas.

Here’s one quick example: we were asked to build an iPad training program to teach nurses how to inject a specific drug. Our creative team came up with a better idea: why don’t we actually create an electronic syringe so nurses can actually use?

We created an electronic syringe so nurses can actually use it to learn

We pitched the idea back and everyone loved it. The project went from a basic iPad app to a memorable experience with custom hardware.

4 – Those crazy ideas down to earth

We all love great ideas. Some are crazier than others. An experienced interactive marketing agency will know what to tweak to make the experience a reality without breaking the bank or risking failure.

Many times, small tweaks can keep most of the value to the end user, while lowering costs, time and risks.

4D Experiential Marketing -Parachute for Super Bowl
Interatica’s team trying out the Super Bowl 53 VR 4D Parachute experience

5 – Interaction between specialists

One of the best advantages of dealing with Interactive Marketing Agencies services is their ability to bring and interact with specialists.

At Interatica, we’ve worked with specialists from fashion designers to professional sky divers. From cardiologists to oil & gas engineers.

It all boils down to the experience everyone brings.

Experiential Marketing - Creating an interactive spray can
Interatica’s engineer working a turnstile to create an electronic Spray Can

By working closely, you leverage your possibilities by accessing not only all their knowledge, expertise and specialty. But also, all of the agency’s connections to many other specialists as well.

The #1 reason to bring Experiential Marketing Agency Services early

One word: Possibilities.

Let’s say you want to build your home, you have:

  • an empty lot of land,
  • a budget range,
  • some essential requirements.

Picture the difference of these 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: you give an architect carte blanche on top of your budget and essential requirements.

Scenario 2: you do the blueprint and build the foundations. You build the walls and pipes. You buy the paint. And then, you ask your architect to build something with all those constraints.

Which scenario is more likely to appear on Worlds Extraordinary Homes?

Clearly, scenario 1. This is a matter of limits and possibilities.

The more limits you impose to the interactive marketing agency, the less possibilities the agency has to be creative.

And in general, the earlier on the process you are, the less specific you are. Which is great.

Bring the agency as early as possible to the process. You’d be surprised on what an interactive marketing agency will bring when you give them carte blanche. You can later on narrow down, no worries.

Bottom line

Make sure you’re taking advantage of your interactive marketing agency services and use the whole potential for your clients.

We at Interatica love challenges. With more experience than most interactive agencies out there, we work since 2003 with small agencies all the way to the big ones.

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