Initially, we were asked to create a learning experience by an injection e-learning tool for nurses. The original idea the brand had was to create a guided training in the form of a set of questions nurses had to answer on an iPad.

Being the Partner that we are, we double down and proposed a radical idea: what if we build a physical prop syringe, for nurses to actually grab it and perform the procedure with their own hands?

Well… the client was ecstatic and fell in love with the idea immediately.

So we went on to build a custom-made, electronic syringe. It was virtually connected to a large screen and we measured the angle of injection (syringe rotation), the speed of injection (plunger), as well as use it as a stylus on the iPad.

a woman with an Electronic Syringe as a learning experience

On top of that, we built a 1 vs 1 challenge to spice things up. Presented as a step-by-step on how to inject the specific drug: (1) select the right needle, (2) load the syringe by pulling the plunger, (3) choose the appropriate body part, (4) inject at the correct angle, and (5) inject at the correct speed.

Experiential learning helps accelerate the journey from novice to expert.

The challenge also had a leaderboard so all nurses could compete and reach the top throughout the show.

Nurses LOVED the experience. And ended up learning much more than by going through a simple iPad quiz.

Let’s talk to see how we, as a technological partner, can help you spice up your next Experiential Marketing campaign.

  • Measure plunger speed
  • Accurately reflect syringe on the screen
  • Build it on a small syringe-shaped prop




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