Let us tell you why this simple and original Multiplayer Bicycle Race we built for Coca-Cola is great for your next Experiential Marketing activation.

Motion is Happiness


In this Multiplayer Bicyclle Race, each player (up to 4 at the same time) rode an actual bicycle. They had an astonishing and realistic 3D environment on the monitor in front of them. They had to pickup bottle caps scattered throughout the field by pedaling over them.

2 kids in a multiplayer bicycle race at a Coca Cola Event

The interesting part is it’s cooperative. This means if they achieved the team goal of 100 caps picked up, they would all enter into a draw to win a real bicycle. The exact one they rode while playing the game.

  • Real bikes
  • Multiplayer but cooperative
  • Portable




Buenos Aires, Argentina


We were so happy because it was premiered at Expo Bici show. The game received 15% of all show attendees (3,400 out of 20,000) in 3 days.

How we developed this Bicycle Race idea

They came to us with their campaign: “Motion is Happiness” and they were going to be at Expo Bici show in Buenos Aires.

This was right up our alley: we love cooperative and multiplayer games. Because they communicate synergy. We all know that if we work together we all get a better outcome. 

Also, in this case,  the target audience (bikers) was people with a healthy lifestyle. Because it is true that Motion is Happiness.

So, the bike race idea was loved from the first sketch. And we started to work.

Coca Cola Booth of a multiplayer bicycle race

First, we custom built all stations using actual bikes. We had to modify them to work with the game. We added sensors on the wheel to measure speed and on the handlebar to be able to detect turns.

As an additional challenge, all of this had to be portable to be transported to 3 shows in 3 different cities. So our engineering team had a blast.


These type of experiences, as this multiplayer bike race,  are great show stoppers. They gather attention and allow attendees to have a great time. All while learning about the product and its key features. They all leave the booth with a smile and a good feeling because they share an enterteinment moment.

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