augmented reality wall

Ever seen a simple printed wall becoming alive convert into an Augmented Reality Wall?

Check out this Video-based Augmented Reality project and how can it totally rock your next Experiential Marketing activation.

Health is a human right

La salud es un derecho


Our client needed a way to share profound stories at the 57th Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization.

The stories, in the form of videos, were about people. Real people. We needed to make an impact on the visitors to make sure they check the videos, and for the videos to stick with them. 

What better way to make an impact than to have a big wall become alive? So we built this interesting Augmented Reality wall.


Participants grabbed an iPad and chose a story they wanted to learn more about. 

As a result, by simply aiming the iPad’s camera to the person’s face in the wall, the face became alive and the video started playing, sharing the story.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Video-Based AR
  • Short Turn-around




washington, DC


A girl with an ipad using an Augmented Reality Wall

There were multiple stories to tell. Each could be seen in multiple languages. So participants could chose any story and in which language they wanted to interact.

One of the greatest advantages of this project was its low hardware cost: aside from the iPads, there was no other electronic or A/V equipment needed.

The wall could easily be moved from the entrance to the main floor to the exit on the final day. This way, everyone could experience it either at arrival, during their stay, or upon leaving.

Remember that Augmented Reality increases engagement and interaction.  When Augmented Reality activity is well implemented conveys innovation and responsiveness from brands.

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